Imam’s Corner

Dear Imam Cherry,

I am well aware that contrary to Islamophobic mudslinging, things like “honour killing”, “slavery”, “execution of apostates” and “persecution (and worse) of infidels” are ANATHEMA to and NOT AT ALL associated with the exemplary religion of Islam. I however wonder why there are so many contradictions to this well-known truth within Islamic majority states and among devout Muslims. In the past month (not the past century or millennia but this month):

  •   we have learned that a pregnant mother was stoned to death by her family for marrying a man for love who was not approved by her family (and right outside a court house in Lahore Pakistan – in broad daylight)
  •   a pregnant mother in Sudan has been condemned to death by hanging for the crime of leaving Islam and becoming a Christian. (But to be fair the charitable nature of Islam is in evidence as h the execution warrant as the young woman will be allowed to nurse her new born for a period of 2 years before being put to death and her brother (who turned her in to authorities) could not bring

    pious man of Allah, Sheikh Shekau

    himself to lie about his sister’s traitorous act)

  •   Boko Haram (known by its Arabic name The group’s official name is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, which in Arabic means “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad”) and renowned for fighting the good fight to impose Sharia law in Nigeria kidnapped and raped 300 school girls, forcibly “converted” them to Islam and is set to sell them as slaves (all, according to leader Abubakar Shekau, in strict  accord with Allah’s word)
  • 30 taking refuge in a church are slaughtered by Muslim rebels in the Central  African Republic.
    Thankfully there are people far smarter than me like you Imam Cherry who understand that these heinous acts have nothing at all to do with Islam.


Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies sophomore,

Georgetown U




The blessing of guidance is one of the greatest blessings that Allah, may He be exalted, can bestow upon His slave. It is obligatory for the slave who has been guided to show a great deal of gratitude to his Lord for this immense blessing. We are happy to hear of your steadfast understanding of Allah’s true religion and your rejection of Kufr conspiracy stories polluting the Zionist controlled media. There is no such thing as “honour killing” in Islam only Sharia punishments prescribed for transgressions. There is no such thing as leaving Islam only reversion to Islam. In Nigeria, the truth is the sisters voluntarily  reverted to Islam under the compelling truth of the Sunnah read to them by Sheikh Shekau.  Churches in the dar al harb are battlegrounds.

We ask Allah to guide everyone to that which is in the best interests of theworld  family and to help them to find the right way and to unite in following it.

And Allah knows best.

go habs go!

Imam Dalil Ibn Abdullah Kanadi Cherry


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