Coexist_by_Chima1Society values religion as a means of instilling and reinforcing good conduct in citizens. When it is observed that there is a correlation between religious conviction and anti-social or even violent behavior, one must question whether society’s blanket acceptance of religion as a force of good is warranted.  I like most Westerners took for granted that the “great” religions of the world were –  well great and a good influence on people. When the Muslim world erupted in violent rage over Danish satirical cartoons, I began to question my assumptions and became interested in learning more about the Religion of Peace™, what made it tick and why it was so different than other religions. This blog is intended to share and air what I have learned and what I believe. My understanding may be incorrect but  “truth stands out clear from error” (Koran 2:256).


The title of this blog is Uncle Talib.  Abu Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib was Mohammed’s uncle and his  protector in Mecca throughout the tumultuous first years of his “prophetic” career. Mohammed’s fortunes in Mecca declined after Abu Talib died and the animosity he faced from Abu Talib’s clan grew greatly.  Today instead of Uncle Talib, we have leftist political leaders, celebrities and mainline media talking heads who shelter Mohammed’s religion from scrutiny and protect that ideology from all criticism. Today’s Uncle Talibs may be well intentioned but history will judge them harshly as Islam grows deeper roots in the West and its true nature is exposed. Forget Uncle Sam and Uncle Toms – the world’s most cursed uncle was Uncle Talib –even Muslims agree he resides in hell.


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