Mecca, we have a problem

Open letter to the Grand Mufti of Mecca and Medina:

Dear Sir (I don’t know for sure if you a “sir” or “madam” but I’m prepared to bet you are a sir)

Canadians sincerely believe that Islam is the Religion of Peace but events here in dar al Harb have shaken all but the most insightful people here – like social justice activists and immigration lawyers. We know that terrorism is an equal opportunity plague – afflicting every race, colour and creed without prejudice. Common knowledge has us understanding that a terrorist is just as likely come from the ranks of Buddhists, Christians, Wiccans as Muslims. In fact we are regularly assured by the highest authorities like President Obama himself that terrorists in groups like ISIS have “nothing to do with Islam”. Rest assured that I too believe this, as surely as Koran 4-34 promotes gender equality and 9-29 promotes harmony between religions.

Well the problem is this. Although Canadians know that Islam is all about Peace and spokesmen in the media from the Islamic community reinforce this with powerful and moving statements after every terrorist event, it’s beginning to look like one very important group of people is failing to get this message – “radicalized” Muslims. Perhaps you can send an expert religious scholar like a graduate with a PhD in Islamic studies from an Islamic University on an information tour of Canada to set those who misunderstand Islam so wildly (and fatally) on the straight path- like the nearly dozen converts to Islam from Canada who have made news for all the wrong reasons.

Misunderstander  of Islam

Untrue Muslim The latest misunderstanders of  Islam

There is however one PhD in Islamic studies that even tolerant to a fault Canadians will not tolerate – Abu Bakr Baghdadi;

The other Abu

the other Abu

if he is still on your Eid gift list, please don’t bother with him.

Your interfaith friend

Abu Talib

Palestinian “peace” protests as a clue to meaning behind the Gaza crisis


Black flag of Jihad & the hammer and sickle of Soviet Russia – perfect soul mates


The world’s media is fixated on the Gaza conflict; it receives 24/7 coverage and continues to be headline news for a month.  Indeed the war is tragic and many lives have ended needlessly but to be frank, this is nothing out of the ordinary for this part of the world; the daily casualty toll in Gaza during this war is not very different than Iraq. Afghanistan or Pakistan at peace where religiously minded fellows kill scores of innocents in bombings regularly. You may wonder why deaths in Gaza attract so much outrage yet the deaths of hundreds in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram or ISIS in Iraq are scarcely mentioned. I expect we all have our opinions over the polarizing issue of Gaza and with so much disinformation in the age of conspiracy theories, let us look at Palestinian peace demonstrations to get an idea of what is behind the Gaza conflict.

Palestinian “peace” demonstrations are not demonstrations of support for Gaza but rather are demonstrations of hatred of Jews. Demonstrations throughout the West have quickly devolved to manifestations of Jew hatred and outright violence targeting  Jews. In France, demonstrators  trapped Jewish congregants inside a synagogue and vandalized Jewish shops. Throughout Germany, pro-Palestinian protests turned violent as Jews were assaulted and anti-semitic slogans not heard in Germany since Nazi times were hurled at Jews. In Florida, pro-Palestinian demonstrators declared “we are Hamas”, “We are Jihad” and they attacked a Jewish reporter.

In Canada, pro-Palestinian demonstrators showed their true colours by attacking peaceful counter-demonstrators in Calgary and Toronto.

So the media’s story is that Israelis are the vile aggressors attacking defenseless Palestinians in Gaza. All across the Western world, those supporting Israel, (the supposed aggressor) rally peacefully and those claiming to support peace and the defenseless victims of Gaza,  attack people who dare to disagree with them or who happen to share the same religion as the Israelis.  Israel like Israeli demonstrators are good citizens of the world, respecting the rule of law. Arabs living in Gaza are like their thuggish supporters in the West  – are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Wolves who for the moment are kept at bay by brave, principled men & women. Demonstrators against Israel are largely newcomers to the West, they have brought their world view, their conflict and their hatreds to the West.  The question is what do they bring to the West of value?

Cultural enrichment and lessons in morality from Palestinian "peace protesters"

Cultural enrichment and lessons in morality from Palestinian “peace protesters”


This is diversity that only a liberal could love.



Hans Brinker Media

yawn - no news here

yawn – no news here

The latest news event not covered by sleepy Canadian media this week is the story of provocative advertisements plastered on public transit buses in Washington DC. Some may argue that controversy surrounding what a US city allows or disallows is hardly news in Canada but this is clearly not the case considering that same sex marriage ceremonies at successive US city halls have been widely celebrated across Canada and won’t stop until all 50 states finally “see the light”.

Progress in Oregon

Progress in Oregon

Enlightenment in Michigan

Enlightenment in Michigan

Not Just Potatoes in Idaho

No longer potato heads in Idaho!

Others may pretend that the current bus posters showing an archival black & white photograph of Adolf Hitler meeting with the leader of a major world religious organization is of no interest but this is simply untrue; the image of the 20th century’s most abhorred tyrant alone appearing on an advertisement today would pique the interest of just about every living human on the planet. And still others will say that airing dirty laundry isn’t the charitable thing to do but this too is not true. The same media organizations that believed that the threat made by a small town US pastor to burn a Koran was world class news are now plugging their ears and shielding their politically correct eyes about the bus ad controversy in Washington DC.

The scandalous pastor and the lying imam

The “scandalous” pastor (and the lying imam)

I checked Google today and found that aside from the local Washington papers & Time magazine, none of the usual suspects from mainstream media (and none from Canada) have bothered to cover the story. But it is just a matter of time before our complacent  media will soon run out of fingers with which to plug all the leaks springing out of the dykes they’ve built to hold back the inconvenient truth about the failure of multiculturalism in Western society. Knowing that it is always open season in the media on Christianity, loyal readers of  metrolandmedia or the CBC can be certain that the ad in question does NOT depict Pope Puis XII meeting with Adolf Hitler (after all that WOULD be newsworthy for a century or so). Readers will just have to look beyond the politically correct news that is fit to be printed by the Toronto Star, The Waterloo Record , the CBC and other neutered media in order to learn just who was photographed fawning over Hitler at the height of World War II and can be seen smiling on the buses today in a Western nation that hasn’t muzzled free expression.

Oh and if the bus photograph isn’t clear enough to show where the allegiances of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem lay maybe this will clear things up:

Hitler Akbar!

Hitler Akbar!




Speak softly and carry a big ……..hashtag

If looks could kill

If looks could kill

Now that Michelle Obama has joined thousands of social justice activists in the Twitter campaign #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS, Abubakar Shekau must surely be regretting his words – if not his actions.  Today’s occupants of the Whitehouse have shown that they are kinder and gentler than than the Imperial wannabee Teddy Roosevelt  ( speak softly but carry a big stick). They don’t even risk ruffling any feathers by speaking softly and instead communicate using pictures and tweets. Regardless of what Michelle, Barack or MSNBC think, the holy warriors at Boko Haram have no fear of America’s of stick  or even Michelle’s formidable stare.

The only thing that Abubakar Shekau and his religious zealots fear is Allah and they know that when it comes to abducting and enslaving infidel school girls, they have Allah on their side. Shekau proclaimed in a now infamous video broadcast:  “I abducted the girls at a Western education school, and you are disturbed. I said Western education should end…I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah. There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell; he commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women.” And he is right. Sex slavery is as Islamic as ablutions, hijabs and the hajj.

muslim-slave-tradersWhile the US civil war ended the last outpost of slavery in the Western world in 1865, slavery  continued in the Ottoman Empire until the 20th century.  Islamists  pine for the good old days when there was a unified Islamic Empire, ruled by a Caliph – rightly guided or not.  The Ottoman Caliphate had a long history of plundering neighboring lands and enslaving children by the thousands annually.  Boys taken from their homes in the Turkish ruled Balkans were groomed into fierce fighters called Janissaries. The Janissaries turned on their former coreligionists and helped bring Jihad right to very the gates of Vienna. Girls harvested as booty of war were sold in Slave markets including the infamous Aurut Bazaaar in Constantinople.

Though Caliphs were tossed into the dustbin of history early last century,  slavery has persisted in Islam and remains a reality in North Africa. Long before Michelle hopped on to the #bringbackourgirls bandwagon,  people of conscience have been working to free slaves from Islamic backwaters.  There is of course another form of Islamic sex slavery on the rise in the form of Muslim rape gangs. Far too many Muslims in Britain are exercising their new found freedom and economic clout by grooming and prostituting English girls. The problem has grown so severe in Britain that even Jack Straw has noticed but Jack, like the politically correct media, prefers to slander all South Asians rather than focus on the subset of “Asians” that are behind this plague.

Islamic groups are now in full damage control mode and are condemning Boko Haram’s acts  – at least they are in the English media. We’ll have to wait for MEMRI to translate current sermons and Islamic talk shows to hear what the true scholars of Islam have to say about this rather than take the Islamic lobby groups for the word on this latest Islamic atrocity.  In the meantime,  “bold” announcements are being made by the usual suspects who pick their words carefully and wring their hands about how “un-Islamic” it is.


unIslamic – the ultimate insult

But how unIslamic is it? Barack Obamas’s “beacon of learning” (Al Azhar university) is also is mouthing condemnation of Boko Haram but in true Islamic fashion, they speak out of both sides of their mouths. This week the scholars at Al Azhar condemn kidnapping and enslaving children as “unIslamic” but the experts from this same prestigious Islamic university certified this very same act as orthodox theology when they reviewed Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller’s translation of Islamic Sacred Law into English under the title “Reliance of the Traveller

At that time, l Azhar’s experts certified Mum’s book “conforms to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni community: cetrtification

And what exactly does the orthodox Sunni community have to say about taking children captives? Why it says section o9.13  (page 247 of the pdf version available on line) of the Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law affirms that Abubakar Shekau is correct; he does have Allah’s blessing to sell off these abducted girls into slavery .

the word of Allah

But of course this is par for the course in Islamic Scholarly thought. Any religion that proclaims in one verse of its most revered scripture ( the most perfect and wonderful book handed down from Allah)  that there is no compulsion in religion (Koran 2 256) but in another that  revered “People of the Book” who do not acknowledge Islam must be subdued (Koran 9 29) can’t be expected to be rational.  Islam again proving that  war is peace and ignorance is strength.


CBC – Crescent Broadcasting Corporation

CBC_Logo_1958-1966I’ve been tuned in to CBC for as long as I could understand English. As a child I of course loved Hockey Night in Canada (or whatever it was called back then) , stayed up late to watch CBC news and skipped church just so I could listen to Sunday Morning on the radio. When I became a young adult and moved to Southern Ontario, I tuned in to Metro Morning so I could listen to intelligent radio rather than hear the same tired tunes and commercials.  I was thrilled to hear CBC radio playing on Jane Fonda’s car radio in the movie Agnes of God,   In the days that Peter Gzowski  hosted “Morningside” I was convinced that CBC was the glue that held Canada together and if someone had proposed a voluntary tax or telethon pledge to keep it going, I’d have coughed up some cash.


Then something changed. I no longer liked tuning in to CBC Toronto; its morning hosts starting with Andy  Barrie introduced irritation to my day right from my first waking moments with the clock radio alarm. His interviews were a showcase of leftist causes and made Toronto ever so progressive.  Then came the tireless promotion of multiculturalism; the CBC would lend its megaphone to anyone with a petty grievance and axe to grind if race could be construed to be a factor. Then I discovered the CBC News website – that’s when the bottom finally fell out.

CBC logoThe time that I tuned out of television in general and stopped subjecting myself to CBC Radio One in the mornings was the same time that I started to turn to the web. But as  I discovered the parallel universe of Islam I began to realize that CBC inhabited that same universe and broadcast from it. As news stories of atrocities and terrorist bombings began to inundate the news, I noticed that CBC scarcely covered these unless the they were so close to home or so vile that the CBC could no longer pretend that they did not happen. And when the stories were covered, words would couched to hide the true nature. Headlines would make no mention of religion if Islam were involved. Instead the issue would be “ethnic violence” and the perpetrators would be described only as “youths”.

The CBC’s reader forum has become a joke. Most stories involving Islamic terror or Islamic dysfunction are off- limits and no comments are accepted. For stories where comments are allowed, the Moderators are heavy handed and suppress any comments that are critical of Islam. I rarely bother commenting on the forum and gave up months ago  when too many of my comments were “disabled”.  Below are comments made some months ago. The first two were posted to the forum for a short time (long enough to garner a few “likes” from other readers) before the Moderator decided I had violated the conditions of the site. I of course violated no terms listed but rather  only the unwritten condition that under no circumstance can Islam be criticized.


I know that I am not alone in quitting the forum. Because of CBC’s relentless suppression of all facts and opinions that put Islam in a bad light, I have seen that fewer and fewer rational people bother to leave comments on the forum anymore. It has been overrun by Islamophiles (flattering stories, unsubstantiated Islamic myths are always welcome) and irrational, incoherent people and leftists that manage to slide their opinion that (no matter what the story) it is the fault of Israel, the US or Stephen Harper.

The CBC featured a story about an allegedly “racist pamphlet” and followed it up with a discussion from their “Community Team” declaring that CBC readers found these “anti-immigration”flyers “despicable”. The truth is that even with the heavy handed purging of “unacceptable” thoughts by Moderators, readers called  the Community Team” on the biased presentation. Here is the most popular comment in response to the deception pushed by the CBC over the story:

most liked

The only surprise was that this comment was allowed to stand but then again, the story wasn’t about Islam or Muslims. Knowing what the CBC does to comments, I can understand that they do exactly the same with facts that don’t suit their fairy tale picture of the world.  Lorne Green and Matthew Halton must be turning over in their graves!