the inexact science of translation

Here is an article written in the Toronto Red Star about another misunderstander of Islam – this time (can you imagine?) a prayer leader at a Toronto mosque AND a PhD candidate AND a man who has memorized the entire Koran. But anyone can make an innocent mistake like this of course. And everyone in the mosque who heard the sermon  8 months prior to the You Tube release of the sermon can of course be counted on as people totally ‘outraged’ by the ‘mistake’ made.   Did you read my letter in the Red Star? Of course, it will never be published but hey maybe if the Star sees enough push back to their social engineering, they will think twice before publishing more Islamophile drivel.

phat phuck

still suffering the starvation of Ramadan fasting, the confused  Imam

Ms Yang’s  article about Ayman Elkasrawy is an example of the prejudice of low expectations for Islam.   Elkasrawy, a PhD candidate, prayer leader and man who has memorized the Koran is clearly bright. Only a fawning media can believe he could think words translated as “ O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.  Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the Jews!” would be an innocent prayer and can report this as a matter of “inexact science of translation”. Clearly the Arabic words aren’t about rainbows, hugs and love. Has she bothered to read Islamic scripture to try to understand the actual source and context that seem to trip up so many imams?  Hadith Sahih Muslim  Book 54 # 105 ( reveals the “sunny ways” of  Islam and why poor Ayman is confused by the religion he helps lead.




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