Mecca, we have a problem

Open letter to the Grand Mufti of Mecca and Medina:

Dear Sir (I don’t know for sure if you a “sir” or “madam” but I’m prepared to bet you are a sir)

Canadians sincerely believe that Islam is the Religion of Peace but events here in dar al Harb have shaken all but the most insightful people here – like social justice activists and immigration lawyers. We know that terrorism is an equal opportunity plague – afflicting every race, colour and creed without prejudice. Common knowledge has us understanding that a terrorist is just as likely come from the ranks of Buddhists, Christians, Wiccans as Muslims. In fact we are regularly assured by the highest authorities like President Obama himself that terrorists in groups like ISIS have “nothing to do with Islam”. Rest assured that I too believe this, as surely as Koran 4-34 promotes gender equality and 9-29 promotes harmony between religions.

Well the problem is this. Although Canadians know that Islam is all about Peace and spokesmen in the media from the Islamic community reinforce this with powerful and moving statements after every terrorist event, it’s beginning to look like one very important group of people is failing to get this message – “radicalized” Muslims. Perhaps you can send an expert religious scholar like a graduate with a PhD in Islamic studies from an Islamic University on an information tour of Canada to set those who misunderstand Islam so wildly (and fatally) on the straight path- like the nearly dozen converts to Islam from Canada who have made news for all the wrong reasons.

Misunderstander  of Islam

Untrue Muslim The latest misunderstanders of  Islam

There is however one PhD in Islamic studies that even tolerant to a fault Canadians will not tolerate – Abu Bakr Baghdadi;

The other Abu

the other Abu

if he is still on your Eid gift list, please don’t bother with him.

Your interfaith friend

Abu Talib


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